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More evolution “half-truths” in our school testbooks -Miller-Urey Experiment. Truly Fantasia!

The Miller-Urey Experiment Biologist Jonathan Wells holds Ph.D.s from both Yale and the University of California at Berkeley.  In his book, Icons of Evolution, he writes: “Accompanied by music from Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring, the primordial Earth seethes with volcanic … Continue reading

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More Evolution fraud The Fossil Horses

The Fossil Horses Three years before Charles Darwin’s death in 1882, Yale University paleontologist Othniel Marsh published a drawing of horse fossils.  Marsh’s drawing, which included only leg bones and teeth, was soon supplemented by an artist’s “slight of hand” … Continue reading

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My first post

This is exciting.  I’m rather an old person who is being technologically advanced because I’m actually writing a blog. I do think that God is mad at us (hence, the name of my blog).  Just pay attention to what is … Continue reading

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